Tauranga's new OnDemand electric rideshare service
is here.

Baybus OnDemand is your new electric rideshare service in Tauranga South. Offering flexible transport to meet your daily travel needs, Baybus OnDemand connects you seamlessly within your community and to the wider Tauranga bus network. Experience personalised public transport that works with your schedule.

To get started visit, your preferred app store, download the Baybus OnDemand app and set up your account.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Plan

View the Baybus OnDemand Getting Started Guide for an easy, step-by-step introduction.
Don’t have a smartphone? You can also set up an account by calling the Baybus customer service centre on 0800 4 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287).

Ready when you are.

Just book a ride, and an electric minivan will pick you up. There might be other customers on board when you are picked up, and others may join you along the way, but our tech ensures the most efficient path to your destination, considering the needs of all passengers on board.

Where can you travel?

Baybus OnDemand covers Tauranga South, including Gate Pa, Greerton, Parkvale, Pyes Pa, Tauriko, The Lakes and everywhere in between - connecting you to key locations like hospitals, shops and the wider Baybus network.

Download the full map.

Baybus OnDemand cannot pick you up or drop you off outside the service zone.

How it works.

1. Let us know where you want to go and when.

Baybus OnDemand has no fixed route or timetable. Instead, we have flexible pick-up and drop-off points, usually within 150 meters of your location.

2. Book your ride.

You can book your travel as soon as possible or up to 7 days in advance.

3. Get to your pick-up location.

To ensure an easy journey for everyone, you must be at your pick-up point before your ride arrives.

4. Pay with the app or with your Bee Card.

Tag on and tag off with your Bee Card on the reader in the vehicle at the start and end of your trip. Payment with the app will be applied automatically.

Booking and payment.

Operating from 6am to 7pm, seven days a week, excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Affordable fares, $3.40 per ride. No cash or direct payment to drivers.

On the app.

You can make a booking through the Baybus OnDemand app any time.
Pay using the app (debit/credit card) or your Bee Card.

Over the phone.

Call 0800 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287).
Bookings can be made through the customer service centre Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, between 6am and 6pm.
If booking by phone, you can only pay with your Bee Card by tagging on and off on the reader in the vehicle.


In person.

Visit one of the participating organisations or businesses in your community to have a ride booked on your behalf. Simply provide your name, phone number, and destination. View the list of Book on Behalf agents.
Bookings are available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, between 6am and 6pm.
For in-person bookings, payment is exclusively through your Bee Card by tagging on and off on the reader in the vehicle.

Children under 5 ride free, but a seat must be booked for them.

Baybus transfers and concessions are available with your registered Bee Card.

Need accessibility support? Let us know when you book your ride.

How to catch Baybus OnDemand.

The app or customer service centre will direct you to a designated pick-up point within a short walking distance and specify a time to meet. Arrive a bit early to ensure you don’t miss your ride.

The driver will ask your name and tick your name off on the list on their screen. It’s helpful to have your app open to identify yourself.

The minivan will take you to your destination, making stops along the way to pick up and drop off other passengers.


Service Operation

What is Baybus OnDemand?

Baybus OnDemand is a flexible public transport solution for Tauranga South, offering the convenience of a private vehicle with the efficiency of public transport, servicing Gate Pā, Greerton, Parkvale, Pyes Pā, Tauriko, and The Lakes.

How does Baybus OnDemand work?

Using smart technology, Baybus OnDemand matches your ride request with others heading in the same direction, ensuring efficient, shared travel. 

What days and times does the service operate?

We operate Monday to Sunday from 6am to 7pm, including NZ Public Holidays, except Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Is this a trial or permanent service?

Baybus OnDemand is an 18-month trial to explore enhancing public transport's flexibility and sustainability. As we near the end of this period, we will evaluate usage, satisfaction, and accessibility data to decide on its future role within our transport system.

Are there changes to Tauranga urban bus network?

Yes, the trial will affect the Tauranga urban network, notably the discontinuation of Route 51 from Pyes Pā to Tauranga Crossing. This adjustment reflects our commitment to improving network efficiency and responsiveness to community needs.

How has the service zone been chosen?

Tauranga South's selection for the Baybus OnDemand trial was based on its mix of catchment demand, essential amenities, and urban layout. Facilities like shopping centres and hospitals necessitate day-long reliable transport, while narrow streets, unsuitable for traditional buses, are ideal for smaller vehicles.

Who manages the Baybus OnDemand service?

The service is managed by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, in partnership with Mercury NZ Limited and NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi, with Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd. handling vehicle operations and Via Mobility LLC providing the digital platform.

Booking Process

How can I book my ride?

Through the App:
Use the Baybus OnDemand app for easy booking. Pay with a debit/credit card or Bee Card.

Over the Phone:
Call 0800 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287). Bookings can be made Monday to Friday between 6am and 6pm, excluding public holidays.

Pay with your Bee Card by tagging on and off.

In Person:
Visit a participating local organisation to use a Book on Behalf service. Payment is with your Bee Card by tagging on and off.

When can I book my ride?

Rides can be booked immediately or up to 7 days in advance.

How do I book my return journey?

You can book your return journey using the Baybus OnDemand app at your convenience, call our contact centre or visit a Book on Behalf service location for assistance.

Can I make a group booking for multiple passengers?

Yes, journeys can be booked for a maximum of 6 people, including the main passenger and up to 5 additional passengers.

Through the App:
You can opt to pay for the entire group using the credit or debit card linked to your app account. During booking, select the type of each passenger (Adult, Child, Under 5) to ensure accurate fare calculation.

Over the Phone or In Person:
If booking through our customer service over the phone or via a Book on Behalf provider, each member of the group must pay individually using their own Bee Card.

Accessibility Options

Can I travel with a wheelchair?

Yes, we have a vehicle equipped for wheelchairs, with specific dimensions and weight limits. Request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle when booking, or let our Contact Centre or a Book on Behalf service know your needs.

Can the vehicle come closer to my home?

Yes, Baybus OnDemand offers a driveway-to-driveway collection for passengers requiring enhanced accessibility services. This means a vehicle will meet you within a very short distance of your pick-up address, and you will be dropped off very close to your selected destination. This service is automatically applied when you book the wheelchair-accessible vehicle, at no additional cost.

Will the driver assist me if I need help boarding the vehicle?

Absolutely. Our drivers are trained to assist passengers needing help to board and alight from the vehicle. This includes operating the hoist for wheelchair users and ensuring your wheelchair is securely fastened.

Payment Methods

How much does a ride cost?

The cost of a Baybus OnDemand ride is equivalent to a standard Baybus fare. Concession fares are available for eligible passengers, which can be accessed using a Bee Card with the concession preloaded.

  In app
(credit/debit card)
In vehicle
(Bee Card)
Adult $3.40 $2.72
Child & Youth $2.00 Free
Under 5 Free Free

How do I pay for my ride?

Pay using a Bee Card or by linking a credit/debit card to your Baybus OnDemand app account. Cash payments are not accepted.

What’s a Bee Card and where can I get one?

A Bee Card is a prepay card for Bay of Plenty public transport services. Purchase and top up your Bee Card online or at a Bay of Plenty Regional Council office.

Rider Experience

How long will I wait for my ride?

Baybus OnDemand bookings have a maximum estimated time of arrival of 30 minutes, although most waiting times are shorter. You can track your vehicle's approach using the Baybus OnDemand app.

Can I travel with luggage or pets?

Hand luggage and small articles are allowed. Service and disability assistance dogs are permitted, but other pets and animals are not.

Can I bring my bicycle, scooter, or electric scooter on board?

Unfortunately, our vehicles are not able to carry bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, or other personal motorised mobility devices. This includes the absence of bike racks or sufficient storage space to safely accommodate these items. Our priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers aboard.

Can I travel with a pushchair?

Standard vehicles have space for a folded pram or pushchair.

Can children travel unaccompanied?

Children under the age of 16 can travel unaccompanied at their parent's discretion, provided they are confident in navigating their route, including crossing roads. Children using the service unaccompanied must have a Baybus OnDemand account for communication purposes. Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by a carer, who is responsible for securing and removing any child car seats.

Can I use Baybus OnDemand for my school commute?

We recommend school students use their designated school bus services or the Tauranga urban network for daily commutes. This approach helps keep Baybus OnDemand available for a wider range of travel needs within our community, ensuring efficient and convenient transport for everyone in Tauranga South.

What are the requirements for seat belts, child restraints, or car seats?

While not required by law on public transport, the use of car seats for young children is recommended. All other passengers must wear seat belts.

How can I give feedback on Baybus OnDemand?

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we trial and improve our service. You can share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback in several ways:

Call our Contact Centre at 0800 4 229 287, available Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm.
Email us at support@baybus.zendesk.com.
Provide feedback directly through the Baybus OnDemand App. After reaching your destination, you may be prompted to rate your ride and can leave comments or suggestions.

We welcome all feedback to help us make Baybus OnDemand work as smoothly as possible for our customers.



Need help? Submit your enquiry or call 0800 4 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287).