Download Transit app

Download Transit app

See where your bus is in real-time and receive up to date service alerts for buses in Tauranga, Whakatāne and Rotorua.

Plan a journey with Transit from start to finish, the app even lets you know when to get off the bus. Spend less time waiting at the bus stop and more time doing the things you want to.

The Transit app is free and available on the App Store or Google Play. Simply download it onto your smartphone to get started.

  • You'll need to allow location services/GPS on your device so the app can use your location to tell you where your nearest bus/bus stop is.
  • Turn your notifications on for your favourite routes and receive alerts for upcoming bus stop closures or diversions, or to let you know about delays.

Transit Royale

We have recently upgraded to Transit Royale app subscription for all our passengers, at no extra cost.

As the update rolls out, you will receive a message in the app that Baybus is upgrading you to Transit Royale. From there, simply tap to redeem your free subscription.

How can I upgrade to Royale?
Open Transit and scroll through the list of routes on the Main Screen. When you see the crown, tap Upgrade

Do I need to upgrade to Royale?
We recommend it! If you don’t claim your free upgrade to Royale, your current version of Transit will start to limit certain features that are only accessible through the subscription.

Does Tranist Royale feel different from how Transit works now?
No, for functions like trip planning and checking departures, Royale looks and feels almost exactly the same. Transit Royale introduces new, optional features like GO leaderboards and in-app theme options to customise Transit app on your device.


How to Use Transit - Transit Support ( 

Also take a look at 'Where is my bus?' for live tracking.


Transit is a third party mobile application.  The app is not managed or controlled by, or affiliated with, BOPRC, and we accept no responsibility or liability arising from your use of the Transit app.  Your use of the Transit app will be subject to terms and conditions, including terms governing the collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information.  You must make your own decision on the acceptability of these terms and conditions.