Katikati Express - route description

From Katikati to Tauranga - the route will start at Summerset by the Sea and travel along Park Road, Beach Road, SH2, Fairview, Middlebrook, Sheffield, SH2 to Tauranga.

From Tauranga to Katikati - the route will be via SH2, Beach Road and Park Road.

On demand passengers can ask to be dropped off at the Moore Park park and ride on the return trip from Tauranga. When they request this, the bus will need to travel via SH2, Sheffield St, Middlebrook Dr, Carisbrooke St, Beach Rd, SH2, Jocelyn, Carisbrook St, Beach Rd, Park Rd.

List of bus stops


Katikati to Tauranga Tauranga to Katikati
  • Summerset By The Sea*
  • Park Road - Preston Drive*
  • Park Road - Levley Lane*
  • Park Road - Binnie Road*
  • Park Road - Polley Crescent*
  • Park Road - Beach Road*
  • Katikati - Opposite Info Centre (Main Rd)
  • Moore Park 'Park and Ride'
  • State Highway 2 - Marshall Road
  • Sharp Road - Fairview Estate*
  • Morton Road*
  • Te Puna
  • Bethlehem Town Centre
  • Tauranga CBD/Wharf Street - Stand D
  • Tauranga CBD - Stand D
  • Grey Street - Elizabeth Street
  • Bethlehem North
  • Te Puna North
  • Morton Road*
  • Sharp Road - Fairview Estate*
  • State Highway 2 - Henry Road
  • Katikati Main Road, Info Centre
  • Park Road - Beach Road *
  • Park Road - Park Lane*
  • Park Road - Binnie Road*
  • Park Road - Leveley Lane*
  • Park Road - Preston Drive*
  • Summerset By The Sea*

*These stops are not serviced for all trips, please see the timetable for details