School bus routes FAQ

701a Aquinas College NO
701b Aquinas College NO
702 Aquinas College NO
703 Aquinas College NO
704a Aquinas College NO
704b Aquinas College NO
710a Mount College YES
710b Mount Intermediate NO
711a Mount College YES
711b Mount Intermediate NO
712a Mount College YES
712b Mount Intermediate YES
713a Mount College YES
713b Mount Intermediate YES
714 Papamoa College YES
720 Mount College & Intermediate NO
801a Tauranga Intermediate NO
801b Tauranga Primary & St Mary's School NO
802a Tauranga Intermediate NO
802b Tauranga Girls' College YES
803a Tauranga Boys' College & St Mary's NO
803b Tauranga Intermediate & Tauranga Girls' College YES
804a Tauranga Intermediate YES
804b Tauranga Intermediate YES
805 Tauranga Boys' College & Tauranga Girls' College YES
806a Tauranga Boys' College NO
806b Tauranga Girls' College NO
806c Tauranga Intermediate & St Mary's School NO
807 Tauranga Intermediate, Boys', Girls' & St Mary's. NO
808a Tauranga Boys', Girls' & Aquinas College NO
808b Aquinas College NO
810a Bethlehem College NO
810b Bethlehem College NO
811a Bethlehem College YES
811b Bethlehem College NO
812 Bethlehem College YES
813 Bethlehem College NO
814a Bethlehem College NO
814b Bethlehem College NO
815 Bethlehem College NO
816 Bethlehem College NO
901a Tauranga Girls' College & Maungatapu School YES
901b Tauranga Girls' College YES
902a Tauranga Boys' College YES
902b Tauranga Boys' College YES
903a Tauranga Boys' College NO
903b Tauranga Boys' College & Tauranga Girls' College NO
903c Tauranga Girls' College NO
903d Tauranga Intermediate & St Mary's School NO
904a Otumoetai College & Otumoetai Intermediate YES
904b Otumoetai College & Otumoetai Intermediate NO
905a Otumoetai College, Otumoetai Intermediate & St Mary's School  NO
905b Otumoetai College & Otumoetai Intermediate NO
906 Greerton Village School & Greenpark School NO

All students travelling on Tauranga dedicated school or Tauranga Urban Bayhopper bus routes can travel for free before 9am and between 2.30 and 6.30pm. Except For Route 80 (Katikati Express), 81 (Omokoroa) and 221 (Te Puke)

This is a one year trial and applies to school days only.

A Bee card is required for some routes please review the Bee card requirements for your bus

There have been significant changes to school routes.  Please look for route details here.


Students should wait at the named bus stop around 5 minutes before the time shown on the bus timetable and signal the driver when they see the bus coming. Please stay well clear of the road when you do this.  

Each route has specific stops, with timings given for key stops. The timetables with the stop locations are here.


The journey children take to get to school is a shared responsibility between parents, the bus company, the school, Regional Council, and the child. The bus company is responsible for providing a safe bus and a qualified bus driver. Schools will follow up on reports of disruptive behaviour or vandalism. Parents need to make sure that their child is capable of travelling on a school bus and managing transfers between buses without assistance.

By law a Loading Certificate must be displayed on the front windscreen of the bus, which details the number of primary and secondary students it can carry. Bus companies can receive a fine for exceeding their loading limit, so although a bus may look overcrowded, it is rare for a bus to be overloaded. If you are concerned about the loading on a particular bus, please note the registration number and use the contact form on this website to let us know.

Some rural routes continue to be Ministry of Education funded and other routes are funded by schools and users. For Ministry of Education rural routes and SESTA routes, please contact your school.

If you would like to suggest a change, please let us know by calling us on 0800 4 BAY BUS or emailing and we will take a look into the suggestion. You can also use the online feedback form.


If the bad behaviour is serious (is a major distraction to the driver or puts other passengers at risk), the student may be stood down from the bus for a period of time. For less serious behaviours, a student may receive a warning or be asked to sign a behaviour contract.

No, these services are for school students only.

NZ Bus operate the school bus routes in Tauranga