Route 1 Pyes Pa to the City will detour onto Cameron Rd Bus from Eleventh Ave

DATE: Now until Sun 31 Oct 10:00 PM

The current Pyes Pa inbound city trip detour onto Cameron Rd from Eleventh Ave will continue until approximately 31 October. This is due to road closures on Elizabeth St. The red line on the map below show the city inbound detour.

The following bus stops on Devonport Rd will be closed:

  • Devonport Road - First Avenue (outside the AA centre)
  • Devonport Road - Third Avenue (outside Harcourts)
  • Devonport Road - Seventh Avenue
  • Devonport Road - Tenth venue

Please use the alternative bus stops on Cameron Road. 

The trip from the City to Pyes Pa is not affected, apart from a minor detour at the start. All seaside bus stops on Devonport Road remain open.

Affected Routes: