Total Mobility update for COVID-19 Alert Level 1 updated 22 September

Total Mobility update for COVID-19 Alert Level 1 updated 22 September

Messages for Total Mobility operators and clients

The Total Mobility scheme is part of New Zealand’s public transport system and is designed to be used when standard public transport services are not accessible for the Total Mobility user.


Q & A's:

1. What is Total Mobility and who can use the services?

Total Mobility is part of our public transport system and is designed to help people who can’t access standard public transport services. It provides door to door transport for those with long term impairments who are unable to use public transport.

There is no change to the existing eligibility requirements for Total Mobility.

Additional information about Total Mobility can be found here:


2. Do I need to wear a face covering during Alert Level 1?

Face coverings are not a mandatory requirement under alert level 1


3. Do I need to do Contract tracing for each taxi ride during Alert Level 1?

It is recommended that you still keep track of your travel for contact tracing. 

All taxis will be required to display a QR code for the COVID Tracing app.  If you choose not to use the app then please keep a written record of your journey.


4. How do I ‘keep safe’ while travelling?
COVID-19 is still out there, so we all need to remain vigilant. Remember that you can spread the disease without knowing you have it.

When travelling, keep your distance from people you don’t know well, maintain good hygiene and track your journey.


5. Where can I get more information?



6. What is a fare subsidy cap?

Regional fare subsidy caps are also referred to as maximum contributions per trip and these amounts differ across New Zealand.

Further information about regional schemes can be found here:


7. Can the taxi wait on me while I go into a shop, doctor office, restaurant, etc?

Waiting time is limited to 5 minutes.  If the waiting time is longer than 5 minutes then this will require the passenger end the first trip and start a second trip. 


8. What do I have to do differently (client)?

There is no change you will still swipe your Total Mobility card at the start of each trip like normal. Please stay informed about the latest COVID-19 information, this website will be updated regularly.