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Fill the bus a huge success

Thanks Tauranga.

You filled an entire Bayhopper bus with thousands of much-needed donations for the Tauranga Community Foodbank.

By the end of the day yesterday – after visiting 42 businesses, childcare centres and community organisations around the city – it was standing room only on board the bus.

There were boxes of food and groceries on all of the seats, under the seats and down the centre aisle. There were bags of donations on top of other bags of donations.

It was a sea of food for the people in our city that need it the most.

Foodbank board chairwoman Sharon Hitchcock, who spent the day on the bus helping, said she was "blown away by the generosity of our community".

"What an awesome experience today has been. Whether it was a business, childcare centre, gym, you name it – the theme for the day was one of giving and sharing the Christmas spirit," she said.

"By the end of the day the bus was exploding – only standing room for us lucky ones on board that were able to witness the generosity of the food coming on board."

Hitchcock, taking in the mountain of donations around her, said Christmas was going to be a lot brighter for a lot more families this year.

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