SuperGold Card

What is the SuperGold Card scheme?

SuperGold Card holders receive free off-peak public bus travel.  The scheme is funded 100% by the Ministry of Social Development.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council reviewed the SuperGold Card hours free travel period and from 19 August 2019 extended them as a trial until 30 June 2020 on all Bayhopper and Cityride services.  

During the the trial period eligible card holders (aged 65 and over) will now have free bus travel on the regional network from:

  • 9am on weekdays;
  • and all day on weekends and public holidays. 

How can I get a SuperGold Card?

All NZ residents aged 65 years and over and those under 65 years receiving a Veteran's Pension or NZ Superannuation are eligible to receive a SuperGold Card. 

Call the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65, or visit

How do I use my SuperGold Card to travel for free?

Present your SuperGold Card to the bus driver when you board.

Normal transfer rules apply and we can ask the passenger to show their SuperGold Card again

Supergold passengers cannot “free-transfer” onto a peak time service.

Customers cannot “Free-transfer” off an urban service onto a rural one.

Can I lend my SuperGold Card to someone else? 

No. Your SuperGold Card is to be used by you only.