Where can I buy a Smartride card and how much does it cost?

For Tauranga Bayhopper and Schoolhopper services purchase the Smartride card from the bus driver, (cash only) or at the Tauranga iSite on the corner of Wharf St and Willow St. The minimum cost is $10 and the card will come loaded with $10 credit ready to use.

For the Rotorua Cityride service Smartride cards must be purchased from the bus driver, (cash only). The cost is  $10.00 and the card will have $10 credit loaded ready to use.

For all other bus services please ask your bus driver if Smartride cards are available on the service.

Please remember that your Smartride card is your responsibility. The bus company, the bus driver or Bay of Plenty Regional Council are not liable if you lose your card.