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Smartride Card – Cityride Rotorua

Terms of Use


The Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) uses electronic ticketing machines on the public transport networks it manages. 

An electronic, reusable prepay card is available for frequent users of services to gain reduced travel fares and the convenience of pre-paid travel.  The card used on BOPRC-managed services is a Smartride card.

Customers can elect to pay cash; they are not restricted by having to use a Smartride card.

The most current Terms of Use is available online at www.baybus.co.nz.

  1. Issue of Smartride card
    • Smartride cards must be purchased from the bus driver, (cash only). 
    • The cardholder is responsible for the care of their Smartride card.
    • The cost for a Smartride card is now $10.00. The card will have $10 credit loaded, ready to use.  (There is no longer an issuance fee).
  2. Use of Smartride card
    • The use of the Smartride card is governed by the Terms of Use determined by BOPRC and published on the baybus.co.nz website.
    • The Smartride card is available for use on all Rotorua Cityride services.
    • BOPRC is not responsible for the quality of service provided as a consequence of the use of the Smartride card, or liable for any losses thereby incurred.
    • BOPRC, together with any participating bus and other transport operators, is authorised to debit fare transactions against the Smartride card.
    • The available credit on a Smartride card is not transferable and is non-refundable. No interest will be paid to the cardholder for any funds on a Smartride card.
    • The minimum top-up value is set at $10.00.
    • The maximum allowable value on a Smartride card is $99.00.
    • A receipt for travel will be issued for each use of the Smartride card.
    • If the Smartride card does not contain sufficient value for the fare being purchased, you will need to top-up your card, or pay the full cash fare.
    • Any dispute over the value of the travel charged must be raised with the driver at the time the receipt is issued. If the dispute is not resolved with the driver it may be referred to Cityride, whose decision will be final and binding.
    • On presentation of your Smartride card, the fare will be automatically deducted. A paper receipt or ticket will be issued for fares purchased with a Smartride card.
    • Bay of Plenty Regional Council has the right to deduct funds from a Smartride card if an incorrect fare has been charged or a fee has been avoided.
  3. Cancellation
    • Bay of Plenty Regional Council has the right to cancel a Smartride card without notice.
    • Authorised staff from BOPRC and participating bus companies, or their agents, may confiscate any Smartride card if they suspect it is being misused or they suspect the card holder has damaged or defaced any bus, bus stop or equipment. If the Smartride card is confiscated in these circumstances, then any remaining available credit will be non-refundable, except at the discretion of BOPRC.
  4. Card expiration
    • If a Smartride card is not used for two or more calendar years the card will expire and the balance remaining will be retained by BOPRC.
    • Use is defined as the purchase of a fare on a bus service.
  5. Personal information
    • All personal information relating to cardholders will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 and, except to the extent allowed by that Act, will not be passed on to any third party without the cardholder’s consent.
    • This means that authorised staff from BOPRC and participating bus companies or their agents may disclose the cardholder’s personal information to New Zealand Police in the event they suspect the cardholder is damaging or defacing buses, bus stops or equipment.
  6. Changes to the Terms of Use
    • BOPRC has the right to vary the Terms of Use in respect of the use of the Smartride card at any time.
    • BOPRC can revise these Terms of Use and any changes will take effect immediately once they are published on the website.
    • By continuing to use a card after the revised Terms of Use have been published, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms of Use.
  7. Customer Rights / Obligations
    • Smartride cards must be validated for every trip taken on a participating bus service by presenting the card to the electronic ticketing machine.
    • The cardholder must show their Smartride card and/or transfer ticket, upon demand by an operator or driver. Failure to do so may mean that an operator charges the cardholder another fare.
  8. Concessionary fares
    • Any cardholder who wishes to use a tertiary concession must carry an appropriate identification card that reflects their eligibility for the reduced fare. This ID must be shown to the driver when boarding the service or on demand.
    • Failure to carry or display appropriate ID may result in a full adult fare being charged.
  9. Lost or stolen cards
    • If a Smartride card is lost or stolen it is the responsibility of the cardholder to inform Reesby Rotorua Ltd for Cityride services.
    • Lost or stolen cards for Cityride services must be notified to Reesby Rotorua Ltd as soon as possible.
    • You may be required to provide 'proof of issue', contact details including name, address and contact telephone number, and proof of identity.
    • Upon receipt of notice that a Smartride card has been lost or stolen Reesby Rotorua Ltd or its authorised agent shall immediately deactive the card or ‘hotlist’ it.
    • Deactivation will take effect the next business day following notification of the lost or stolen card.
    • A new Smartride card will be issued to the customer within 10 working days.
  10. Refund of Smartride card values
    • In practice, refunds will not be permitted. However, BOPRC recognises that there may be some instances where circumstances are justifiable; these will be at the sole discretion of BOPRC or authorised agents.
    • If a refund is approved, it will only be for any value exceeding $15.00 and will be credited to the registered customer’s New Zealand bank account within 10 working days.