Bee Card - Concessions

What are concessions and who gets them?

Concessions are a discounted fare for certain passenger types. The BOP region offer Super Gold card holders, tertiary students, and child concessions.


How do you get a concession?

Concessions need to be loaded onto each card. Child concessions are loaded automatically when a card is registered.

Super Gold card concessions can be loaded online or at a BOPRC office.

Tertiary concessions can be loaded at a BOPRC office or via their tertiary institutes’ student services.


School students

School students will need to register their Bee Card to use on bus services – fares will remain free for Tauranga students travelling to and from school, however regular fares will apply outside of these hours.


I have a SuperGold card, do I need a Bee Card?

While we transition to Bee, SuperGold travellers will still receive their concession without a Bee Card in most regions.

Once the system is fully implemented in our region, you will need a Bee Card with a SuperGold concession loaded to access free travel. You will no longer need to show your SuperGold Card on-bus every time you travel, just tag on and tag off with your Bee Card and your concession fare will be applied.

For those SuperGold holders without access to the internet, we will be working with support agencies to help you out. Alternatively, talk to family and link your Bee Card to a family account.


Why are my SuperGold details not being accepted?

If you are absolutely sure that you have entered your SuperGold card number and birthdate correctly, the issue will more than likely be with MSD and you will need to contact them to check your details. As an example, the MSD system may not be showing you as a qualified partner.


Will a Super Gold card holder receive a ticket?

Not when they are tagging on and off. However, all Super Gold card passengers will be required to get their own Bee Card to do this. They will then need to get the SuperGold concession loaded onto the card. This can be done either online or at a BOPRC office.


Tertiary Students

We will be working with Toi Ohomai and Waikato University to put in a process for tertiary students to get a concession applied to their Bee Card.


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