Smartride Card

A Smartride card is a reusable prepay smartcard which can be used for travel, saving you the hassle of carrying cash.
Smartride card users receive a discount on the regular cash fares.

  • Bayhopper Tauranga
  • Cityride Rotorua
  • Bayhopper Katikati and Omokoroa services)
  • Bayhopper Eastern Bay (Whakatane to Ohope only)
  • Bayhopper Te Puke
  • Bayhopper Eastern Bay (Whakatane, Kawerau, Opotiki to Tauranga - Discount does not apply)
  • Bayhopper Te Puke (Discount does not apply)


Smartride cards for the Tauranga Bayhopper and Schoolhopper services can be purchased from the bus driver or at the Tauranga iSite on the corner of Wharf St and Willow St.

Smartride cards for the Rotorua Cityride service can be purchased from the bus driver.

For all other bus services please ask your bus driver if Smartride cards are available on the service.

Fill out the form below to register your Smartride card.

If you lose your registered card, please call 0800 884 880 and we can transfer any remaining credit to a new card and have it sent out to you. We recommend making a note of your Smartride card and keeping it somewhere safe - a photo on your phone is the easiest way.

Sorry, we are unable to register Rotorua Smartride cards at this time.

This is the five digit number on the back of the card

Please wait a moment once you press submit for the form to register.


No. If you have a Smartride card to use the Tauranga Bayhopper network, you can use the same card on the Schoolhopper network.

On the Bayhopper-Tauranga service there is no charge for a smartride card. However, you will have to buy a minimum of $10 worth of credit. The card will come loaded with the $10 credit.

On the Cityride-Rotorua service there is a $17.20 charge for a smartride card and the card comes with $10 credit loaded.

For all other bus services please ask the bus driver for Smartride card details.

You can top up your card on the bus using cash.

For users of the Tauranga Bayhopper and Schoolhopper networks, cards can be topped up at the Tauranga iSite on the corner of Wharf and Willow Streets.

On the bus, let the driver know that you would like to top up your card, and how much for. There are no Eftpos or credit card payment options on the buses. Be clear exactly how much you want loaded onto the card.

The minimum amount is $10 – this ensures that when the cards are being topped up on the buses they are not being delayed by people making small top ups.

There is a $100 maximum top up on each card. Please remember that your Smartride card is your responsibility. The bus company, the bus driver or Bay of Plenty Regional Council are not liable if you lose your card.

The card is your responsibility.

If it is registered then the card can be hotlisted (the card is cancelled so it can't be used by anyone).

If you can prove that you are the registered owner (with the original proof of purchase receipt given to you at time of purchase) then we can transfer the unused balance to a new card and send it to you.


Anyone that you allow can use the card.

No. This could damage the chip which is inside the card and stop it from working. We recommend you use a card holder or keep the card in your wallet.

Yes. It may be easier for some families to have a couple of cards so that one can be topped up by the parent or caregiver while the student is using the other one.

Yes you can pay for as many people as you like on your Smartride Card.

Please let us know. Phone 0800 422928 and we will call you back asap.

No. Any new credit will be uploaded onto your existing card.

Your card balance is on your bus ticket. Just buy a bus ticket with your card and there it is above the date - next to the word "REMAINING".

Tauranga/Eastern Bay of Plenty Smartride Cards

The following cards may be used on Tauranga and Eastern Bay of Plenty services



Rotorua Smartride Cards